Yoga emphasis the spiritual discipline which helps to evolve the physical mental and emotional well being of an individual. The word Yoga is a Sanskrit word which is derived from the word yuj.The word yuj means to unite or join, which itself shows the goals of yoga. Yoga help us to unite the mind body and spirit and help us to achieve a life of harmony. This sense of oneness between the pillars of life constitutes the major goals of yoga. Yoga is a sophisticated practice which includes performance, art and ritual. The Yoga practitioners enact various poses and segments with great precision.

This multifaceted practice encompasses various physical postures  commonly known as asanas, breathing techniques, consciousness and meditation. The yoga practitioners known as yogis diverse practices to embrace the quality of life and harmony. While including yoga in your life one must follow the physical aspect of performing poses with precision, flexibility and balance.

Yoga can be viewed as a practice of performance, which emphasizes the individual’s ability to perform different postures, movements, and mindfulness. Unlike other performances yoga is not for entertainment purposes, the purpose of yoga is simply for the well being of body, mind and spirit. Yoga focuses on self-improvement , self-care, and self-discovery of an individual. Yoga brings discipline in one’s life by creating a healthy routine. Yoga is a series of activities which need continuous practice. It teaches the principles of discipline, presence and genuineness on and off the yoga mat. It needs great dedication and motivation to inculcate yoga in daily life.

Yoga is also considered as an art where the yogis practice movement of bodies, flow of breath to  attain the inner awareness. The performance of yoga is creative and expressive as an art form. But here these practices are not for the audience but for the person. Yoga can also be a ritual as it includes a group of practices and routines which is performing in a regular manner with certain intentions. A ritual is a series of actions which are performed in a regular manner, in that way yoga can be considered as a ritual. Also yoga has some spiritual significance and it helps the practitioners to get connected with themselves.

Seeing Yoga through the eyes of Art, Not Just Fitness or Science

Yoga is often categorized as  fitness practice or science alone but more than that it has a deeper way of view that is the way of watching yoga as an art. In order to know how art and yoga is connected one must know what an art is? Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form which is appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Like that yoga is the application of creativity. Yoga communicates the emotions, thoughts and spiritual well being of an individual through constant practice. Once we inculcate the art of yoga in each one’s life it becomes a routine for the well being of body, mind and spirit. Through the refined flow of asana, peaceful meditations and breath works one can master yoga.

Each yoga asana poses certain meanings and energy which helps to transform one’s life. Yoga carries certain powers to transform our lives and fill it with harmony. Thus it can be considered as a magical ritual. Performing and practicing yoga motivates the spirit and acts as a self-care ritual. Every pose in yoga has its own benefits through discipline and perseverance one can get these benefits. It is more challenging to explore the inner selves than exploring the outer world. Yoga teaches to explore the inner selves and allows individuals to overcome the invisible barriers inside us. Yoga cultivates the connection between body and the spirit.

The Concept of Yoga Poses as Magical Ritual Signs

Yoga becomes a ritual when it is practiced daily. Moreover a routine becomes an exercise for mind, body and spirit. When someone approaches yoga with so much dedication and perseverance the doors of mindfulness opens. It transforms and nourishes the spirit. Before making yoga a routine the person should have a strong intention for self-care. It brings inner peace and self-love in people. Gradually this will help for personal growth of that person. For yoga, it’s very important to find a safe and calm place to practice. Because if someone is practicing in a chaotic surrounding without any peace,  yoga can’t be performed to the fullest. So the basic and most important part of yoga should be finding a calm surrounding. Also yoga can’t be learned or practiced in one day it is an ongoing process which consists of a lot of asana, breathing works and meditation. By practicing on the above techniques one can master yoga.

The World Needs Change, Not More of the Same

Yoga is considered as a potential practice which can change the world’s perception and bring peace among the people. The world will be more connected with each other with help of yoga and also helps to connect within themselves. The sense of compassion, peace and mindfulness will be shared among people. The awareness about yoga will helps to reach the practice to more people. Yoga help us to manage our lives with a stress free environment. Not only a stress buster but also it pampers the mental health. In this fast life inculcating yoga will help people to overcome the overstress and dilemmas.

Building up flexibility, strength and inner peace yoga transforms each person’s lives and touches the inner selves. By sitting in a peaceful and safe place itself gives a calmness to the mind and body. That’s why the guidelines are saying that one must practice yoga in a calm place. And also the various asanas, meditations and breathing exercises will make the body more stress free and calmer. That’s why yoga(yuj) is considered in a way of performance, art and ritual.

To conclude the beauty of performing a yoga will give flexibility to the body, by controlling the breath to practicing different asana  yoga becomes an art for satisfying the practitioners themselves. Finally performing and practicing it for a regular basis becomes a magical ritual. Yoga thus becomes a holistic way to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Dr. Arundeep M

Assistant Professor (BAMS, RYT, MD)

Dr. Arundeep M, a dedicated Ayurveda Doctor with a profound passion for holistic wellness. He is also a Certified Yoga Trainer, making him well-versed in both ancient traditions to inspire a healthier and more balanced world. As an Assistant Professor at Yenepoya (Deemed to be University), Dr. Arundeep is on a transformative journey to spread the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, unlocking the secrets to a harmonious life. Join him on this empowering path and embrace the power of these ancient traditions for a more fulfilling and enriched existence.

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