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Tantra Yoga is a practice that combines both physical and spiritual elements. It has a deep connection to innumerable goddess deities in the Hindu tradition. 

The main goal of Tantric Yoga is to awaken your Kundalini energy, a latent energy that is located at the base of your spine. By engaging in practices like meditation, Pranayama, mantras, and asanas, you can activate this energy and channel it through your chakras. It has the power to create heightened states of consciousness. 

There is a common misconception about Tantra yoga that it is about sex or sexual awakening. It can connect your deeper self with the spiritual forces that radiate all around us. 

The most powerful energy in Tantra Yoga is Kundalini energy. A coiled snake is used to represent Kundalini energy. Through yoga practices, “Shakti” or coiled snake can be awakened. 

The word “kundalini” originated from the Sanskrit word kundalini, and its meaning is “coiled” or “circular”; in reality, it refers to a coiled female serpent. When the kundalini energy is awakened, it ascends to the crown of the head to unite with Shiva, the masculine energy. 

Tantra: A Spiritual Path, Not Just Asanas

The term Tantra originated from the Sanskrit root tan, meaning “to spread”, “to stretch”, or to expand, and the word tra, meaning “instrument”. Tantra originally meant “instrument to expand”, so it expands the level of consciousness. Its ultimate goal is to attain self-realization. 

The word Tantra also has other meanings, such as loom or weaving. Tantra conveys the fact that everything in the universe is connected, so in short, the universe is a web. 

Tantra contains a diverse range of spiritual beliefs and practices, and its main goal is to channel the divine energy to achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

According to Tantra, the universe is a union of feminine (Shakti) and masculine (siva) forces. Shiva is also known as Purusha; it is pure consciousness, and it is a stable and static force, whereas Shakthi, known as Prakriti, is pure energy and it is a dynamic force. 

The Shiva and Shakti forces have the power to build, sustain and penetrate the universe. These forces are in a union of perfect and indestructible phases. Shakti forces concentrate on the Divine Feminine, but it does not reject the idea of masculinity. In a nutshell, Shiva and Shakti are illustrated as a divine couple and it represents cosmic balance and harmony.

The Powerhouse: Kundalini and the Chakras

Kundalini is originally derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘dormant energy‘. It is stored at the base of the human spine. Activating it may need spiritual practice. This can move through chakras up along the spine once activated. This, therefore, brings about spiritual awakening and heightened consciousness.

In Hinduism, Kundalini is thought to be female divine energy and is also mentioned in Upanishads.

There is a debate existing regarding how to awaken Kundalini energy. A few of them believe that Kundalini can be awakened through a combination of techniques. It includes:

  1. Mantras (phrases)
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Mudras (hand movements)
  4. Physical movements

The other section of people argues that when Kundalini awakening occurs, the energy known as Kundalini flows freely upward through the seven chakras (energy centres). 

Let’s have a close look at the major signs of a kundalini awakening:

  • Undergoing a sense of freedom, both from the ego and the material realm.
  • Experiencing peace and euphoria.
  • Transcending the dual nature of the mind and recognizing that we have the power to consciously create our reality. 

There is another argument that only precise breathing methods have the power to awaken and direct Kundalini energy.

Beyond the Physical: Practices for Transformation

Tantric yoga is aimed to awaken the kundalini energy. There are various practices exist to activate tantric energy. The practices include Pranayama, meditation, asanas, and mantras. 

  • Pranayama

It is a fundamental breathing exercise concentrating on the breath while focusing on the nose and rapid breath of fire. The term “prana” was originally referred to as “life- energy” or “life force”, and it also means “breath”. In reality, Pranayama helps to remove one’s senses from the outside world through controlling breathing. 

  • Asanas

Yoga postures, or asanas, vary from seated poses to more dynamic movements. Asanas are considered to open and clean energy centres (chakras) and vital channels (nadis) in the body. It promotes overall well-being and balance.

  • Meditation

Originates from ancient Eastern traditions, Tantra yoga meditation is a spiritual practice. The major aim of Tantra yoga is to unite the mind,  body and spirit. Unlike conventional meditation, Tantra meditation emphasizes the deep connection between spirituality and sensuality.

  • Mantra

Mantra is a kind of meditation to increase the focus of mind and relaxation. It is practised by continuously repeating a sacred sound, word, or phrase. 

The Major Advantages of Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga aimed to reach ecstasy and enlightenment through the transfer of prana. This can be done by investigating both the light and shadow aspects of our spiritual self.

Tantric Yoga helps to reach spiritual enlightenment. It also helps people reduce stress and anxiety. It strengthens your body, improves mental focus and concentration, as well as increases flexibility and balance performance. 

Tantric Yoga is described as a therapy that can help reduce various disorders such as depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction or mind-body disconnects, among others. The causes behind these conditions are diagnosed by tantric yoga approaches which aim at addressing the feelings directly. 

Spiritual growth through tantra yoga includes developing connections with divine beings and promoting great changes through nurturing the physical body.


Start on your journey of self-exploration and spiritual realization through the practice of Tantric Yoga. Through understanding the deep Kundalini power within us and going to the depths of practices in Pranayama, Tantra yoga meditation, asanas, and mantras, Tantra Yoga is a way to reveal our true power.

It should be noted that Tantra yoga power goes beyond physical benefits since it has numerous benefits, including stress reduction, focus enhancement, flexibility increment and spiritual growth.

Through exploring both sides (light and shadow) of our spiritual selves, we can get a deeper understanding of who we really are and connect with the higher forces that exist around us.

For those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, whether they are after enlightenment, better physical health or emotional healing, Tantra Yoga will provide you with this answer.

To begin transforming yourself, practice Tantra Yoga.

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Dr. Arundeep M

Assistant Professor (BAMS, RYT, MD)

Dr. Arundeep M, a dedicated Ayurveda Doctor with a profound passion for holistic wellness. He is also a Certified Yoga Trainer, making him well-versed in both ancient traditions to inspire a healthier and more balanced world. As an Assistant Professor at Yenepoya (Deemed to be University), Dr. Arundeep is on a transformative journey to spread the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, unlocking the secrets to a harmonious life. Join him on this empowering path and embrace the power of these ancient traditions for a more fulfilling and enriched existence.

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