Yoga For Good Sleep


      • Yoga is a soothing and rejuvenating way to end the day. Over 55% of people who practice yoga reported that it improved their sleep. More than 85% of respondents claimed yoga helped them feel less stressed. It is proven that yoga can be considered a good remedy for sleep by anyone, irrespective of age or gender.

      • Breathing is one of the vital parts of any yoga practice, so practising yoga frequently might enable you to be conscious of your breathing as well as how it impacts your body and mind, which in turn assists you in soothing your body and thereby enhancing your sleep.

      • Yoga’s prominence on mindfulness in exercise might also be advantageous. It has been established that practicing mindfulness, which involves engaged awareness and attention to the present, increases melanin levels in the human body, which is able to provide you with a good sleep.

      • Several studies have confirmed that consistent exercise might provide better sleep. While you should typically steer clear of heavy exercise in the evening, light to moderate exercise, such as mild yoga, won’t disturb sleep and may even improve it. There is great news for even the pregnant ladies. Studies support the view that women who practice yoga while expecting have less trouble sleeping.

      • Sleep is measured by the quality of the sleep one gets rather than the quantity of sleep.

      • So, pull up your socks and get ready for some easy Yoga poses recommended by Hidden Mantra, unleash your potential, and make your life stress-free.

    Yoga Poses For Good Sleep

    It is not defined by one single yoga technique or series of poses that are the finest for receiving everyone equipped for sleep. Then you may think that the way you approach rest is more important than the manner, and that is what makes the difference. It can either be persistent and tender stretches, steady and slow breathing, or stretching at a calculated speed instead of rushing. 

    It’s a direct balance of easy movement and undisturbed breathing that supports you to experience substantial psychological and bodily discharge and relaxation, which is exactly what research validates once more to make it easier to fall asleep. Furthermore, studies illustrate that practising yoga before bed could not only make it simpler for you to fall asleep, nevertheless, also improve the quality of your sleep. Hey, do not be confused, Hidden Mantra will help you sort it.

    Just have a look at some yoga poses proposed by Hidden Mantra to get you to a sound sleep. The yoga poses you do at night should concentrate on poses that encourage relaxation. Definitely, a yoga teacher will come in handy; however, Hidden Mantra provides you with some basic poses, so you should give it a try.

    Standing Forward bend

    In this posture, your head and neck should be comfortable pointing towards the floor while you are standing, allowing your chest to fold over your slightly bent legs. Your hand or forearms should rest on the floor, your legs, or by grasping opposite elbows with opposite hands, depending on how flexible you are.

    Happy baby pose

    In this position, you lie on your back, flex your feet towards the sky, bring your knees up to surround your ribs, bend your legs at a 90-degree angle, place your hands on your feet, and slowly lower your knees towards the floor while keeping your back firmly planted on the ground.

    Butterfly pose

    This requires you to press the bottoms of your toes together while resting on your back and bending your legs out to the corners.

    Corpse posture

    The corpse posture, also known as savasana, is done by resting on the floor with your arms at your sides and your palms facing up. Your legs ought to be straight and extended.


    Thus this blog Hidden Mantra provided you with some awareness of how beneficial is yoga for good sleep. Additionally, it offers some easy and effective yoga poses to get sound sleep. As a beginner, if you have any doubts regarding which yoga pose to practice or what time to practice it you can visit our blog session.

    Which yoga gives better sleep?

    It is usually the Corpse posture that gives you sleep, and it is conventionally the last posture during a yoga session. With your arms by your sides and your palms facing up, lie on your mat. Focus on your breathing and keep your legs straight.

    How can I sleep faster with yoga?

    Balasana, often known as a child’s pose, can help you sleep better. For better and quicker sleep, use Setubandhasana. You can unwind by doing the butterfly posture, or baddha konasana.

    How do you go to deep sleep in yoga?

    The bridge pose, the legs up the wall pose, and Savasana, sometimes known as the “corpse” pose, are three yoga asanas that will aid in your bedtime routine and eventually help you achieve levels of deep sleep. The bridge posture elongates, strengthens, and engages the glutes, which are overworked from prolonged sitting.

    How long before bed should I do yoga?

    10-15 minutes

    Is it reasonable to do yoga every night?

    Definitely, it helps you get better, longer sleep. If you incorporate a calming yoga practice into your evening routine. People who have trouble falling asleep, sleeplessness, or limited sleep time can greatly benefit from this.

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